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-"FIBERTUBE"  Fittings & Specials are available over a wide range of diameters, pressures & configurations.


-The cut & Miter process is extremely versatile for making the full range of diameters, standard & special shapes & custom designed parts. Fabrication of the fittings and specials starts with the production of  "FIBERTUBE " pipe that is cut and assembled into the desired configuration.


-The pipes are produced on continuous filament winding equipment with controlled metering of materials to ensure uniform properties and homogeneous material distribution on all sections of the fittings.


-Cut & Mitered fittings is made by cutting pipe sections to the desired form & pieces are jointed together with Contact Molding techniques using pre- approved material of chopped strand , woven roving reinforcement & the adequate quantity of Resin.


-The pipe (structure of the fitting unit) design is in accordance with AWWA M45 fiberglass pipe design manual. The design life is 50 years.