general properties



1 - Thermal Conductivity (Average 20 +/- 5 °C): ASTM D 976

2 - Deflection Temperature: ASTM D 648

3 - Linear Strength: ASTM D 696

4 - Yield Strength: ASTM E 8

5 - Tensile Strength: ASTM E 8

6 - Elongation: ASTM E 8

7 - Flexural Elasticity: ASTM C 393




ALMATIN BOND panels are made from the best raw materials which accord with international specifications, like pure and non-toxic Polyethylene, PVDF coated Aluminum alloy, when PVDF coating is a thin outer layer resists all effective chemicals and variable influence of climate, the thing that gives an endurance with keeping its brightness and glittering without losing – at the same time – any of its basic features.


ALMATIN BOND has several significant characteristics, like extreme quality, high flexibility, perfect rigidity, light weight, and complete flatness.

During production process, Al-Matin Group follows the GMP criteria which allow using completely isolated chambers that gives the product a high degree of cleanness and purity to guarantee from lacking by any industrial defects.



In the final stage of producing, ALMATIN BOND externally wrapped with adhesive protective layer, PROTECTIVEFILM, this layer provides necessary protection for the panels from scratching, friction and stroking during loading and transporting.